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THERE ARE MANY SOURCES OF FUNDING FOR CLUBS Find out how to secure funding for you and your club. This   information   considers   options   for   funding   within      sport.   There   are   a   wide   range   of   support   mechanisms   for   clubs including   grants,   award   schemes   and   many   more.   It   may   appear   impossible   to   work   through   the   funding   maze, hopefully   this   summary   here   will   help   you   identify   funding   options   to   help   out   you   and   your   club.   Of   course   there   is   no guarantee that you will successfully secure funding but its worth knowing what is out there to start with. CLICK HERE  to view sources of funding CLICK HERE  to view sportscotland funding
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Start Applying! We   hope   that   we   have   given   you   enough   ideas   to   looking   into   funding   opportunities.   Remember   the   key   to   success in   applying   for   Grant   Funding   is   all   about   the   quality   of   the   application   itself.   Make   sure   you   following   the   instructions on   how   to   apply   for   funding,      ensure   that   the   application   being   submitted   is   aligned   to   the   key   objectives   of   the funding body, and that the right contact details and information are included in the application.